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Just an artist looking to make it as a concept artist in the video game industry wish me luck

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I had a dream last night that i worked in a Newgorunds retail Store. We sold T-shirts, pants and shoes with art from all of the artists who post on Newgrounds. We also sold comics, CD's, posters, figurines, wall decorations, even DVD's and games. We also had an adult section of the store. There was a Pub where we sold good food and drinks (no alcohol sorry!) plus an arcade and an on-line gaming lounge PC and consoles.

The atmosphere was awesome and resembled the website with grey walls and orange and yellow trim, yellow benches and tables with black trim. The skyline was a constant image seen in the store along with the tank. the lighting was somewhat dim but bright in certain areas for reading. The music was awesome but not over bearing ranging from metal to dance and every thing in between but no country!!!

It was pretty sweet and I would definitely love to work and hang out there. Too bad it doesn't exist :(

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