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Dude I love this series

This series has inspired me to draw a picture about this story keep an eye out for it in the near future keep it up

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Blah! Blah! Blood On the Rocks Please

awesome simply awesome its about time something different came from this game well done!

smilingpig67 responds:

Haha, thanks! Wish I could get rid of these zero bombers though. :P

Great but...

I like this song but doesn't anybody do the other songs from this game

smilingpig67 responds:

Lol, I'll try, it's cause I've never played this game before, and this was done because of a request. If you PM me a request, I'll try to make another one.

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not sure?

this piece looks really good and legitimate but I am a bit skeptical due to the quality of your previous work. I've known people who where so desperate to be thought of as a great artist they would cheat and steal other peoples work and call it there own to get that recognition but in the end they where called out and cast aside never to ever be taken seriously again. It is possible that you have recently received training in this new medium and this is what came of it. if that is true than good work and keep at it but if not now is the time to come clean. I will give you a 10 for the quality of work but if i dont see something remotely close to this in the future than you my friend will loose all creditability

Different is good

you dont see many women of color on newgrounds and this is a nice change of pace. This looks like a Cell-shaded 3D model if it is mad props but the head looks a little too big.

ConchaPunani responds:

I wanted a somewhat cartoony look, thus the disproportion.


Almost makes me wanna put Johnny to the test!... Zing!!!

Just an artist looking to make it as a concept artist in the video game industry wish me luck

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